Masjid Millat E Islamia

Millat E Islamia is a community masjid situated on Ivanhoe Road in the heart of Bradford 7, close to the University of Bradford. The masjid has capacity for 800 worshippers, with the Addition of another 200 women On basement level . On average the masjid is used by approximately 600 people every week. Programmes are delivered in the masjid in both English and Urdu.

We have a Wudu facility for both men and women in their own respective floors.

Our masjid provides daily namaz and Jumma prayer on Fridays. We also provide weekday education classes for children of ages 6 and above from 4:30 to 6:30 for both male and female children.

Our objectives

• To Provide and maintain facilities for worship and prayer (Masjid)

• To provide and maintain facilities for the teaching of young children/adults in the Koran, General Islamic knowledge and languages (Madrasa)

•  To better inform the community of the facilities and services available at the participating masjids;

•  To provide the community with up to date and accurate information about classes and events held at the masjid.

• To stimulate further da’wah (calling people to Allah) in the local area;

• To promote the spirit of cooperation communities and the masjid, as Allah, the Most High, has said: 

”Help one another in piety and righteousness” (Al-Qur’an 5:2);

•To provide social/welfare services for the local Muslim community

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